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Blurry Forest


from the lands of


Subscriber-Exclusive tales from Asyeran, Kasdar and The Northern Isles!



This story follows Captain Taurean Raineri, Queen Caliandra's secret mage bodyguard, on a mission to find the source of the poison that was used to murder King Omar. The story takes place after Archwilde, in the time between Books 1 and 2. 

Password: TheBreakwater
(Case sensitive)

The Journeyman

A story of Gainsrea

This story follows Fionn Smithson, Julia's best friend in Gainsrea, as he comes to terms with her rejecting his proposal and leaving the island. The story takes place within the timeline of Archwilde, about a month after Julia stepped through the portal tree.

Password: PortalTree
(Case sensitive)

The Chicken Lady
of Farringlen Forest

This story follows an all-new character, Melba Bunratty, as she deals with a mysterious magic entity that threatens her and the other mages hiding in Farringlen Forest. The story takes place within the timeline of Archwilde, near the end of the book. 

Password: ChickenPower
(Case sensitive)

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