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Blurry Forest

Danscrest Harbor

Danscrest is the capitol city of the nation of Kasdar, and the biggest port city on the continent. Merchants and traders from all over the world come to Danscrest, and the markets are thriving. The royal palace is situated on a hill set back from the waterfront, overlooking the bustling port city. Danscrest also has a robust theater district and cosmopolitan dining scene. It is often called the crowned gem of Kasdar for its culture and wealth.


The harbor is also known for the employment of windworkers—mages who use their magic to aid ships coming into and out of port. Mundane magic is common in Kasdar, and is frequently used in everything from shipping, to cooking, to fashion. Higher magic is, however, taboo in Kasdar. Royalty and nobility are forbidden from using it or employing it. Centuries ago, Kasdar had a great disaster when one of its queens employed higher magic for ill gains. It resulted in the destruction of much of the royal court. Since that incident, there has not been a ruling queen in Kasdar, and female heirs are not considered viable successors. 


Aurel is the patron goddess of Kasdar, for her warming sun and fair weather that the country frequently sees. It is also said that Aurel was so fond of the beautiful country that she bestowed plentiful, ever blooming red blossoms upon the land. These blossoms are the national symbol of Kasdar, the Shirlflower. 

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