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Blurry Forest

The Isle of Tor

Set in the deep, temperamental waters of Crescent Lake, the sacred Isle of Tor is at the very heart of Asyeran itself. It has long been the burying place for the sovereigns of Asyeran and their royal families. The ancient stone tor from whence the Isle was named is so old that its origins are shrouded in mystery. Some believe the edifice it is attached to was a temple to one of the gods; others think it a fortress of the rulers of old. Its true purpose is lost to the ages, but the tor remains a symbol of the rulers of Asyeran, and is even depicted in the Torr family sigil.


Crescia and Ealhstan both are sacred gods to the Isle of Tor, as they share equal parts in the journey to the afterlife. Crescia shepherds souls into her starry haven, to rest until their next incarnation. Ealhstan welcomes the bones into his soil, feeding the ground for new life to come.

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Marble Statue
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