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A Little Video Levity

The world is bonkers right now. Being in lockdown, Bryan and I have each been working on our own writing and art projects, but somehow we also found ourselves dabbling with making some silly videos to brighten people's day a bit during this COVID-19 nightmarescape.

This first video we made over the course of two nights, back in early April, just after the Shelter-In-Place order went down here in SoCal. Initially, it was just a funny video to send to our nieces and nephews, who were sending us videos in return. But it turned out so ridiculous we decided to share it on Facebook, to make people laugh amidst the frightening COVID reports that are in the news every day. We'd seen clips of this song "Coincidance" on TikTok, but decided to make a video of the whole song for the fun of it.

The second video we made was an utterly ridiculous labor of love for our D&D Groups, who we've not been able to get together in person with since lockdown started. We've played D&D on Zoom, but we all miss being able to gather around the table for some storytelling, a beer, and a lot of bad jokes.

One of our DMs created a campaign built on the map of Manhattan. In our last gaming get-together before the pandemic hit, our characters stepped onto "Mainway," his fantasy version of Broadway. It took two months after that particular game day for Bryan and I to put together an infomercial for "Mainway's Greatest Hits," but it was totally worth it, and a hell of a lot of fun to make. We wrote and recorded all the parodies ourselves, (one of Bryan's high school friends, Joey Campagna helped with some of the vocals too!) and I pillaged our costume closet to put together outfits for each clip. (I think we used every wig in my collection except for my Ziggy Stardust wig, haha!) We spent almost every evening for two months recording music and video clips, and then I edited it all together, and this is the magic that came of it.

A gallery of stills from "Hits of Mainway"

How will we follow up these videos, you ask?

We have no freakin' idea!

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