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"Boat Hitch Momma" included in the 2018 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology "Shadowed Doorways

My short story "Boat Hitch Momma" was selected for inclusion in "Shadowed Doorways: The 2018 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology" and I am super excited about it!

I learned so much from the editing process of this particular short story. I wrote "Boat Hitch Momma" on the day of the deadline, at the last minute, after spending several weeks helping edit the stories of our writers' group members to encourage them to put their work out there. I didn't even think I'd have time to get a story of my own out, but on the last day, when the last of their stories were done and sent back to them, I sat down and wrote a little story that came to me on a drive home from a meeting the night before. I had no aspirations of it being selected, as it was quite rough, but I wanted to follow through on what I was encouraging my group to do - put our work out there and see what happens. When I found out "Boat Hitch Momma" was selected, I was stunned!

Because the version I submitted was so rough, it needed quite a bit of work to pull the essence of the story to the surface and to polish up the writing style. The three editors I worked with - Joy, Wes, and Elisabeth, had excellent advice and notes, and I am so grateful for their guidance on honing this piece. I'm really proud of how the story came out, and of the message within it.

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