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The Journeyman

Hot off the presses: This Sunday (1/15/23) I'll be releasing the very first new story set in the world of Archwilde to my newsletter subscribers!

The story takes place within the timeline of "Archwilde," about a month after Julia stepped through the portal tree. By the title and image, I'm sure you can guess who the main character of this short story is – Gainsrea's own newly-come-of-age blacksmith, Fionn Smithson! Several people have asked me why I chose to write my first story about Fionn when he was such a frustrating and largely unlikeable character in "Archwilde." There are several reasons for this, but two specifically that I'll address here:

First, Fionn might be unlikeable to us as readers for the way he acted in Book One, but remember that Julia loved him dearly–even if it wasn't in the way Fionn wanted. He behaved poorly, but that doesn't mean he's irredeemable. And while it's important for us to set healthy boundaries in our lives with people who hurt us, sometimes they just make a mistake or a bad choice, especially if it's not part of a larger pattern. This is the case with Fionn and Julia, and this story explores that.

Second, Fionn had a lot to teach me, as a writer and a human being, about processing anger, grief, fear and other difficult emotions. It's scary to start a new part of your life, especially if it involves stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's also not easy to discover who you are and what you want if it requires change. We as humans are wired to fear change, but change is the only real constant in life. Embracing it is ultimately easier on us than resisting it, but we're not always comfortable with that kind of acceptance–and this is certainly where Fionn is in this story.

So stay tuned, because an all-new Archwilde adventure is on its way this weekend! If you aren't on my newsletter mailing list, head over to the 'subscribe' tab on the menu bar at the top of the page and sign up for exclusive access to this story!

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