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Blurry Forest

Woodwren River Hollow

This secluded river hollow in magical Farringlen Forest has been home to countless generations of the Woodwren family. Only one Woodwren girl is born in each generation, and she is sent to apprentice with her foremothers at the river hollow when she comes into her magic, usually in her early teens. Often, there are three generations of Woodwren healers sharing the hollow at a time – an elder, an aunt, and a young apprentice. The wisdom of their bloodline is passed on in this way. 


When Azor Torr took power and declared all mages in Asyeran serve the crown, Meera Woodwren placed a powerful shielding spell on the river hollow to hide it from Azor and his priests. The shielding spell still allows those in need to find their way to the healers’ cottage, but wards off any with ill intentions. After Meera’s untimely death, her niece Maya took up the mantle as steward of the river hollow, reinforcing and maintaining the secret shielding. 


Leander is the patron goddess of the river hollow. Her sacred waters run deep and clear here, and the river that bears her name—the Leandra—is the lifeblood of Farringlen Forest.

Remote Lake
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