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"Conjure Seven" is ready to hit shelves!

Do you like magic? Do you like science? Do you like non-stop action thrillers? Well buckle up, SciFi/Fantasy/Action Thriller lovers, because the wild ride that is "Conjure Seven" is about to hit shelves!

I've read "Conjure Seven" numerous times already, and I can tell you it's a heck of an adventure! I was a beta reader on this book, and I did the interior layout of the book (which, due to it being our first book layout experience, took several attempts at getting the 400-page InDesign spread right, so I read it several times then as well, haha.) And each time I've read it I've enjoyed it more!

For the book design, Erik created his own graphics for the book to include in the interior – the crossed wands, the sparkles and orbs, and the C7 Logo on the title page. We sat in front of my computer with a pile of already published novels to pull layout inspiration from and figured out just how he wanted the interior to look: ragged right text, crossed wands at the dropped-down chapter headers, and his sparkles/orbs opposite the page numbers. One we got the interior done, next came the totally rad cover design by The Typin' Pint!

"Conjure Seven" launches on January 18th, though there's already some buzz about the book in advance of it, as seen HERE. You can snag your copy – Kindle or Paperback – HERE on Amazon.

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