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Dragon Scale Jacket Construction

For this year's Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, I'm creating a dragon scale tuxedo jacket for my husband. I'm not going to completely reveal our costumes here yet as it's still a month away, haha - but I'm really proud of how cool this jacket is turning out. I've finished construction on it, and I'm about to start painting, which I'll do another post about when I get that process done.

The beginnings of turning this tailed tuxedo coat into a dragon scale jacket. I started with a base layer of bigger foam scales, and then started adding smaller ones for variation.

Laying down the back side base scales. I ran out of foam right about here - 20 sheets down! Had to go buy 20 more sheets, haha.

Adding a vertebrae crest over the base scales. I wanted the back to have some sort of shape to it besides just scaling, and I think this worked nicely. I didn't really have a pattern ... just kind of wung it. (Winged it?)

38 sheets of craft foam later, I have finished the jacket construction! Wing-like epaulets that give it a hint of a Jareth silhouette as a nod to the ball, and scaled collar details with a bit of iron throne flavor.

Hmmm ... iron throne flavor? Where could I be heading with this year's Mahoney masquerade costume theme ...

Tune in to the next post for painting process!

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