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Engineering Chaos - The Eighth Annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The Eighth Annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology "Engineering Chaos" is out! And I can tell you, even before sitting down with my copy of this anthology, that it's full of amazing stories that you're going to love reading. How do I know this? I was asked to serve as an associate editor on this year's anthology, so I've read all the stories in it in various stages of completion! And now that I have my paperback copy in hand, I am really looking forward to enjoying the finished version cover to cover.

I also have a story included in this book, entitled "Champagne and Salt Cookies."

So if you're looking for a collection of awesome stories to curl up with on a cold winter's day, grab yourself a copy of "Engineering Chaos" – now availaible in paperback and for Kindle ebook! You can find it HERE.

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