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New Book Release and October fun!

It’s October! And it’s the first day of my #ArtyWitchyAutumnyCozyStoryTober challenge! And I have a NEW BOOK to share!!! I’m beyond excited about “Words of the Odd & Eerie” - firstly, for the variety of story starters I wrote that range from cozy witchy vibes to creature mysteries, haunted houses, vampires and even a little teen slasher movie feels, haha. And secondly, LOOK AT THIS AMAZING COVER THAT @thetypinpint designed! I asked him for an 80’s Schoolastic Book Fair Halloween feel and he knocked it out of the park! “Words of the Odd & Eerie” is available on Amazon today - check it out and have fun writing some creepy stories!

And if you want to participate in my Arty Wittchy Autumny Cozy Story Tober challenge on Instagram, click here to read all about it! And follow me at @Marcy_Mahoney to follow along with my posts. 🎃

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