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Official Book Launch - Words of Whimsy!

I wrote a book! This is my first attempt at publishing, and I'm pretty darn excited about it.

"Words of Whimsy" is a creative writing prompt journal with little tidbits of inspiration to get stories out of your head and onto the pages. If you're stuck for an idea, ideas abound within this book. If you have an idea but you're stuck in the process of writing, throwing a random prompt in the mix can show you a new way through the story, or even illuminate what's blocking you and provide a way around it.

Sometimes, knowing what you don't want to do helps you figure out what you do want to do. For example: When my husband asks me, "What do you want for dinner?" and I don't know what I want, I can't really answer. We are at an impasse. But if my husband asks me, "Do you want chili for dinner?" and I say, "No, that sounds gross," then I know what I don't want for dinner. And then maybe the path is illuminated a bit, and I know I that macaroni and cheese sounds much better to me than chili. And so, a way forward.

Also, now I'm hungry.

Each of the prompts in this book has a little combination of things to get your creative mind going; a character, an object, a situation, etc. I've also included some entertaining illustrations from a collection of old-timey etchings. Some of them inspired the prompts; most were paired with existing prompts as enhancements.

Whatever you take inspiration from, go with it and see what happens. If you hit a dead end, it's okay! You got some words on the page! They may go somewhere, they may not. This isn't about writing your magnum opus, it's just about writing. Playing with the craft. Exploring your creativity. Have fun with it!

Now I'm off to make mac-and-cheese.

Happy Writing!

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