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Quarantine Projects - Recreating Classic Paintings

There was a thing going around on the interwebs back when Shelter-In-Place orders started going down, where people would recreate famous paintings using stuff they had around their houses. Well, I just happen to have an extensive costume collection, a crap-ton of fabrics and crafty do dads, and a need to do something creative to channel my pandemic anxiety, so of course I had to jump on this bandwagon! Bryan and I each did a painting recreation, and then I decided to do a second one based on a painting that I've been told I resemble. The results were highly entertaining, and making them definitely burned away some of my anxiety.

In the above photo of me, I made some fabric-scrap headgear, and wore a renn faire dress to which I added a few extra fabric draperies from my fabric scraps box. Fergus played the part of the Ermine. (See below in this post for my favorite outtake of him!)

Bryan is wearing two wigs here one to achieve the bowl cut on top, and one to give him the fluffy mullet-y back. His black collar is a sock safety pinned around his neck, and the drapery is actually a Slanket - the precursor to the Snuggie! (And by far the superior product!)

The wimple on my head was made of cardboard, a hand towel and some fabric scraps and held together with staples. My dress is actually green - it's the one thing I swapped in Photoshop, but the cut of it was so perfect that I was like fine, whatever about the photoshopping. I hot glued some fake gems onto an existing necklace, and the cuffs of my sleeves are actually inside-out socks, haha. The cushion I'm leaning on is a pashmina over a few cardboard boxes. And my strawberry blond hair? A hair extension worn backwards, haha.

Here are a couple outtakes:

The photo setup.

My docile Ermine stand-in.

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