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The evolution of a Ballerina Space Cop

Look at that technique!

If you asked Kid Me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was Ballerina Space Cop. I didn't end up taking ballet lessons until I was 21, nor did I get to go to Space Camp, and I really only wanted to be a cop on CHiPs. So that particular profession – however groundbreaking it might have been – did not come to fruition.

The constants in my life have been drawing, painting, and making up stories. They were always my touchstone; my soul's work, even when homework and jobs became the daily priorities. As a film major and art minor in college, I tried to find a career that combined all these things. I spent many years working in television animation production, or in the production departments of newspapers and other publications. Working in production was rewarding in many ways, but it always kept me creativity-adjacent. I was a part of something creative and dynamic, but my part in it was not. The demanding work left me little time or energy to pursue the things that I really wanted to be doing. And when chronic illness entered the mix, it became clear to me that something had to change. Fibromyalgia and high-pressure, heavy workload environments do not do a body good. So I saved up, stepped away, and tried to remember what I set out do to in the first place.

Make art! Tell stories! Have fun!

At the Burbank Art Association's 2021 Spring Show

I picked up oil painting in earnest, and in doing so, found my artistic expression. I sharpened up my colored pencils and started drawing again, and in doing so, found that the hyper-focus of micro still life drawing brings calm and flow to my anxious mind. And in teaching creative writing workshops with Bryan and Erik through The Quill & Pint, I've found a voice in helping others find their own. It prompted me (see what I did there?) to start writing a series of creative writing prompt journals to inspire others to tell their stories, too. (I also just finally finished writing my novel! But that's a story for another blog post ...)

Since stepping off of my old path I've found my creative spark, unextinguished after all these years. It just needed some fresh kindling. I've found the courage to enter art shows, which I had lost along the way from being a sidelined creative, and I've even won a few awards in doing so! But most importantly, I've found joy and purpose in creating again. And this site is the hub of it all! In its digital pages you'll find prints and stationery sets of my artistic work, some of my original paintings for sale, and information on how to commission a piece of art. You'll find prompt journals, short story anthologies, and an active blog. (You can subscribe to my blog and my newsletter to see it all!) And – occasionally – a cosplay or two!

I'm super excited to share my work, both artistic and written, in this cool new space. I hope you'll love it, and that you'll come along with me to see what's next!

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